Treat the Cause Not the Symptom

So much of mainstream medicine is all about working on making the symptoms disappear. However, we believe that without treating the cause of physical illness, you can never truly cure a disease. At our Expos, we bring together a Rich community of some of the best Natural, Integrative and Holistic practitioners in the field who both speak and exhibit their expertise all day. Our vendors bring a wealth of education and real information on illness and disease, rather than simply introducing other diet fads and quick fixes. Our events make sure to address all parts of a person including Emotional, Physical, Psychological and Spiritual well-being and connect them all to give you the tools to heal from the Inside Out. This is why we call our company Inside Out Healthy Living. Come to experience the World of natural and organic approaches to health for all your needs at one of our next event’s near you!

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Emotional Health

Our emotions are the blueprint to creating lasting physical changes in our health

Mental Health

Our mental health is often a mirror of our physical and emotional deficiencies

Spiritual Health

Veshamartem al nafsjoteichem

Physical Health

You are what you eat, think, and feel.


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Event Highlights

Award winning relationship Coach, Bari Lyman, will be speaking in our upcoming November 10 Expo in Brooklyn about how a Healthy Relationship Begins with You!

fertility experts for all your fertility needs

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