PUAH; World Experts in Jewish Fertility
Movement Integrity, Sarah Kesler
Narbonne Cookery Catering
Natural Science Organic Skin Care Products
Bruchy Konig PhD
Touch n’ Heal, Aryuvedic Reflexology and Indian Hand Massage Products
Rena Shaab, NTC Nutritional Therpay Consultant, Gut Health
CY Health, Yides Lieberman.
Color and Neginah program, weight loss, sleep, stuttering, stress
and anxiety.
Somatic Healing Vortex, Esther Kohn. The effects of Trauma and Emotional Dysregulation
Diane Paxton Nutrition, Nutrition Response Testing, acupuncture and Colonics
Therapeutic Healing Hands, Charline Rubinstein.
LMT massage therapist in NY and certified body works
Apple Hill Health, Bruchy Konig. Hygiophysician, and PhD in Natural Health and Nutrition
A + Center Inc. Mercier Therapy, CST, AIT, LD, ABA, Nutrition Counseling
David Nissen, Advanced Alternative Healing
Dr Aharon Feiman DC Chiropractor
Mrs. Chaya Feiman, M.A. Holistic Health
MomsPops, Inc Mini Organic Vegan Fruit Popsicles
PPMNY Plant Powered Metro NY
Coconuts Chocolate LLC Raw And Organic Paleo Friendly Coconut Oíl Chocolate
DC Fitness
Synergy by Shira Adler
Kaplan Brain And Body, Dr Eric Kaplan Functional Neurology
Naftali Gross, Tailor Your Behavior
Mimi Schweid, Releaf Healing, Homeopathic and Naturopathic Supplements
Zija International
Young Living Essentials Oils
Balance Diet Program, Ruchi Lebowitz
Natures Cures, Whole Foods Supplements
Arbonne International
Hypnobirthing, Miriam Shmueli
Pachamama Wisdom, LLC Vibration Frequency Healing
Myriam Well, Myriam Gabbay, Home Remedies
Narcan Training by Benjamin Fogel of B&H Emergency Medical Training
Sara Dawn Coaching, Health and Life Coach
Nini Castle, Transformational Healing Coach
Oils for Health and Longevity, Chaya Cohen Aromatherapist
Hand Over Heart, All Natural Baby Care Products
Tsipora Berger and Tracy Einstein, AMSAT Certified Alexandria Technique
Bari Lyman, Meet to Marry Relationship Coach
Sara Levine, and Joyce Abikzer, The Emotion Code
H26 Health and Life Coaching Bethann McKay
Nutrition By Tanya
Green Monday US, Shabbat Yarok, Amy Halpern-Laff
Tiferet Movement Yoga for Women
MomsBunch Creative Concoctions LLC
Steel City CBD
QualiTEA Essence Squared
Alexander Zaiontxhkovski
International Jewish Cannabis Association

And More