Our Vendors

PUAH; World Experts in Jewish Fertility
Movement Integrity, Sarah Kesler
Narbonne Cookery Catering
Natural Science Organic Skin Care Products
Bruchy Konig PhD
Touch n’ Heal, Aryuvedic Reflexology and Indian Hand Massage Products
Rena Shaab, NTC Nutritional Therpay Consultant, Gut Health
CY Health, Yides Lieberman.
Color and Neginah program, weight loss, sleep, stuttering, stress
and anxiety.
Somatic Healing Vortex, Esther Kohn. The effects of Trauma and Emotional Dysregulation
Diane Paxton Nutrition, Nutrition Response Testing, acupuncture and Colonics
Therapeutic Healing Hands, Charline Rubinstein.
LMT massage therapist in NY and certified body works
Apple Hill Health, Bruchy Konig. Hygiophysician, and PhD in Natural Health and Nutrition
A + Center Inc. Mercier Therapy, CST, AIT, LD, ABA, Nutrition Counseling
David Nissen, Advanced Alternative Healing
Dr Aharon Feiman DC Chiropractor
Mrs. Chaya Feiman, M.A. Holistic Health
MomsPops, Inc Mini Organic Vegan Fruit Popsicles
PPMNY Plant Powered Metro NY
Coconuts Chocolate LLC Raw And Organic Paleo Friendly Coconut Oíl Chocolate
DC Fitness
Synergy by Shira Adler
Kaplan Brain And Body, Dr Eric Kaplan Functional Neurology
Naftali Gross, Tailor Your Behavior
Mimi Schweid, Releaf Healing, Homeopathic and Naturopathic Supplements
Zija International
Young Living Essentials Oils
Balance Diet Program, Ruchi Lebowitz
Natures Cures, Whole Foods Supplements
Arbonne International
Hypnobirthing, Miriam Shmueli
Pachamama Wisdom, LLC Vibration Frequency Healing
Myriam Well, Myriam Gabbay, Home Remedies
Narcan Training by Benjamin Fogel of B&H Emergency Medical Training
Sara Dawn Coaching, Health and Life Coach
Nini Castle, Transformational Healing Coach
Oils for Health and Longevity, Chaya Cohen Aromatherapist
Hand Over Heart, All Natural Baby Care Products
Tsipora Berger and Tracy Einstein, AMSAT Certified Alexandria Technique
Bari Lyman, Meet to Marry Relationship Coach
Sara Levine, and Joyce Abikzer, The Emotion Code
H26 Health and Life Coaching Bethann McKay
Nutrition By Tanya
Green Monday US, Shabbat Yarok, Amy Halpern-Laff
Tiferet Movement Yoga for Women
MomsBunch Creative Concoctions LLC
Steel City CBD
QualiTEA Essence Squared
Alexander Zaiontxhkovski
International Jewish Cannabis Association

And More

Sarah Martin, Magnetic Care,

Alana Bloom, Bloom Chiropractic,

Holistic chiropractor in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Works with individuals pregnant women and families.

Bring the Gym to me,

is a fitness concierge system that matches up clients with the right fitness instructors for in home fitness, special events, camps, schools, seniors homes, and other organizations

Jewish Press

Norman Balassiano,
Optimum Health Solutions

ONDAMED works with a specific protocol that utilizes finely tuned biological frequencies. The protocol helps reduce addictive patterns, sugar , salt and fat cravings ,speeds metabolism, helps reduce stress , accelerates weight loss relaxes and strengthens the overall well-being. ONDAMED has consistently achieved astounding rates of success with its unique Weight loss protocol. Experience demonstrates that all areas of the body and mind can be manipulated by applying pulsed electro magnetic frequencies. 25 years of clinical test studies


Alphay is a billion-dollar, debt free company, and the world's largest grower, supplier, and knowledge-base of the Lingzhi mushroom, also known as the Herb of Longevity. Lingzhi has been revered in traditional Chinese culture and medicine for over 5,000 years, and is supported by modern, published bioresearch for its spectacular health benefits.

ReJews Solar power panels

Promoting sustainability and social entrepreneurship in the Jewish world, ReJews is helping NY & NJ homeowners get major tax breaks and big time discounts on their electricity bills with their solar panel program!


Natural makeup, skincare and nutrition plan

Chaya Cohen, Aromemom, Aromatherapy

Chaya Cohen has been working with and treating patients in essential oils for the past 30 years. She continues to educate about its Medicinal Properties and Healing Abilities

Massage by Tova,
Tova Chana Reyman

will have a Table and demonstrate her massage therapy

Health Emporium

International Jewish Cannabis Association

Leah Kineret Narboni

Inside Out Healthy Living, Natural wellness and Integrative Healer

Sarah Schwedelson

Holistic Coach

Ronnie Ribnick

Rejuvenate with Ribnick Nutrition consultant / Health coach. Changing direction through diet lifestyle and self motivation.

Natures Cure Natural Supplements

High Quality Nutrient Dense Pure Plant Based Supplements. Energize and Heal Yourself without Chemicals and Side Effects. Go for Natures Cure Products and Your Body Will Rebound WIth Vitality

Qualities Essence Tea

Essence 2 herbal teas are created with you and your family in mind. With Maximum absorption they absorption they encourage systems in the body to work healthy and properly, giving you results you never thought imaginable.

Natural Science Organic and All Natural Skin Care

Natural science skin care products is a growing skin care business, made by Inside Out Healthy Living. Products are 100% Organic and All Natural, with no fillers and only Vitamin C as a preservative. They are completely homemade and made fresh to order.

Baila (Betti) Fasten

is a certified Naturopath, Health kinesiologist and One Brain practitioner. She also customizes Bach remedies and essential oils. She will be selling her brand-new line of Natural Cosmetics and Tinctures. Her new healing cookbook, “Nutritious Dishes”, Salt Lamps, Energy-Protecting devices, as well as Amber Jewelry to reduce inflammation, pain, especially teething for youngsters, will be available for sale.

Plant Powered Metro New York

is catalyzing the local movement for vibrant health through whole food, plant-based (WFPB) nutrition to raise awareness that we have choice and power in determining our health destinies, and that food can often be our best medicine.

MPS Supplements

MPS as a brand is a movement of empowerment, perseverance and strength. We don’t make false promises.

We won’t claim that our products do the job for you. We will proudly tell you, though, that our goal was to create products that were cleaner, more potent, and without the level of fillers found in most supplements. This way, you get the absolute best boost on your journey and the greatest chance to accomplish your goals. We’re regular people, dedicated to our fitness goals, and looking to create the type of supplement we ourselves wanted to take. Our hope is that it, in turn, can be the source of hope and strength that allows you to break through and become the person you’ve always wanted to be!

Holistic Therapeutics by Esther Shoshana

Esther Shoshana is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Holistic Health & Nutrition Counselor, and Owner of "Holistic Therapeutics." Holistic Therapeutics is an all organic, consciously sourced plant based herbal medicine and skin care line. All products are made with care from herbs and flowers prepared by Esther Shoshana in her apothecary. 

Consultations available & welcomed. Customized skin care and herbal
preparations available as well. 
Instagram: @holistic_therapeutics 
Facebook: @holistictherapeutics

Jill Friedbauer Health coach

Jill Friedbauer has been practicing physical therapy for 17 years specializing in stroke, Parkinson’s disease and all balance and gait disorders.

 After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder 16 years ago, Jill encountered a series of life challenges and medical complications. She became determined to turn her health around and she did so using a holistic approach of diet and lifestyle changes which is detailed in her book Heal Your Soul, Heal Your Gut, available on amazon.com. Newly inspired, Jill returned back to school to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and she now guides her clients struggling with poor gut health, autoimmune diseases and other health challenges to regain their health. An inspiring speaker, Jill has also been featured in Wellspring Magazine, Nashim Magazine, The Jewish Link and The Jewish Standard of NNJ. Jill can be reached at jpthealthcoach@gmail.com and followed on instagram @healyourgutwithjill.


Hearts Flour isan independent baker who uses only EinKorn wheat which is the only wheat that is NON GMO!! She May even grind the fresh wheat berries at her table.

Yarden Wines

Lodi Certification of Sustainability (Not Organic)

Bemer Group

By Leah Mierov Bemer Enhances general blood flow, the body’s nutrient and oxygen supply and waste disposal, cardiac function, physical fitness, Endurance, strength and Energy, concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction, and relaxation, and sleep management.

Food Vendors

De La Rosa 613 Introduces Wine Corks Made from Sugar Cane & Light-Weight Bottles:

Wine-making with the Environment in mind De La Rosa Vineyards recognizes that it is becoming increasingly important to offer products that take into account health, safety, and ecological responsibility. De La Rosa Vineyards has found ways to embrace eco- friendly standards with biodegradable wine closures and lighter bottles. Drastically reducing the carbon footprint seems like a daunting task, however, De La Rosa is doing our part in some very innovative and creative ways.

De La Rosa Vineyards utilizes a collection of wine closures by Nomacorc, the world’s first zero carbon footprint wine closure. corks themselves have a negative footprint. According to a study by Assolegno, consuming 15 billion plant-Here at De La Rosa Vineyards, we are ecologically conscious and we share our customer’s commitment to the environment, so we use bottles that are lighter in weight than traditional wine bottles. This practice is not new but as consumers become more ecologically conscious, it is our goal to meet their needs. According to Assemblies Unlimited (2016), creating lightweight packaging conserves materials, which in turn reduces waste. Consequently, this leads to reduced masses to landfill and ultimately, a reduction in the overall packaging carbon footprint.

613 is the Blueprint for Living Always Kosher and Organic whenever possible. Fully recyclable and made using renewable, plant-based biopolymers derived from sugar cane, the series has three types of closures that offer varying oxygen intake levels. This allows the wine to breath and age properly, and has no effect on the taste. Plant based corks are not only great for the wine, they are also extremely beneficial to the environment. Nomacorc select Bio series is manufactured using 100 % renewable energy and minimal water consumption. Sugar cane captures carbon dioxide, so the based corks a year can prevent 118,500 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. To make recycling easy, Nomacorc has partnered with large retailers like Total Wine and Spirits to set up collection points so consumers can dispose of the corks properly.

   De La Rosa Vineyards aims to use the best practices when it comes to wine production and the environment. By using light weight bottles and plant-based corks, we are doing our part to ultimately reduce waste and the negative impact that mass manufacturing has on the environment. We believe our products to be an asset to the environment, and will continue to provide products that elevate our values, as well as those of our customer.


Anat Narboni is a Personal Chef who does events, private parties, classes and personal cooking. She makes all her products using all Organic and All Natural products.


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