Why the Right Mattress is Essential for Your Health


Sleep is the Number 1 most important thing for health and unfortunately most people are messing it up without even realizing. Yes there are soo many tips on getting better sleep like 1. Put away phone and blue light before sleep 2. Don’t eat right before bed 3. Dont work too late etc… etc…
However there is one MOST important thing that promotes healthy sleep, healthy blood flow, healthy lymphatic drainage, healthy organ function, healthy digestion, healthy muscles, to alleviate back neck shoulder and leg pain, to elleviate headaches, healthy nerves and healthy spine (which does everything for the body) and there is nothing more important than a healthy nervous system. And the Number #1 Most Important thing for your sleep is….. YOUR MATTRESS AND YOUR PILLOW!!!
Your mattress and your pillow are THE most important things that will dictate how you sleep. And most people are doing it wrong… Why? Because there is absolutely no education on mattress health and there are a million different companies selling bad mattresses. So how to tell? What to buy?

Mattress and Pillow recommendations.
So choosing a mattress and a pillow are not a simple task and should not be taken lightly. We spend almost half of our time sleeping and giving our bodies the proper place to sleep is by far the most important and best thing you can do for yourself.

Here are a few things that can happen when you choose the wrong mattress
1. Back pain
2. Neck pain and headaches
3. Organ malfunction (yes seriously! A bad mattress can interfere with your organs functioning properly and can lead to disease)
4. Impaired digestion
5. Lack of deep sleep which can leave you feeling groggy and high stress
6. Poor muscle tone
7. High cortisol
8. Hormone disruption
9. Breathing problems
And more…

1. You see the number one biggest mistake people make when buying mattresses is thinking “The Softer the Better” which is 1000% WRONG! A mattress that does not support you well and allows you to sink into it creates all of the above problems. Firstly your muscles organs and body won’t feel supported which will throw everything off.
2. The second mistake is the base (boxspring or bed frame). Most boxsprings and beds just aren’t up to the task of holding up a large weight correctly. Even if you have the best mattress in the world, a poor foundation will create major health problems. Sometime the floor is better than any foundation.
3. The third mistake is assuming that mattresses dont need to be organic. Yup Organic. Most mattresses are infused with enormous amount of chemicals and flame retardants to avoid combustible fires. And if its made from materials that are not organic they themselves are sprayed with many chemicals to bleach it and more. When you sleep on that many chemicals, it will mess with your hormones and severely affect your health.
4. The fourth mistake is believing all ads. Someone says the mattress is good so its good. Wrong! Most mattresses on the market are terrible so believing what anyone says just doesn’t make sense.
Common mattress myths
“Memory foam is best” this is WRONG. Memory foam allows you to sink into it which provides zero support and makes it difficult for you to move around during sleep which provides very little organ support. Having good stability for your organs are crucial to your health
“Water beds are great” Wrong! Water beds are the worst you can do for your body. It is making your body feel weightless which prevents your body from really resting. We are weighed down by gravity for a reason which is too much to explain in one post.
“Air mattresses are good for you” Wrong! The same as above air mattresses provide zero support and make you feel weightless.

A long time ago people used to sleep on the ground. The ground provides really important energy for our body and helps us heal. It provides electrons that recharge our body and make us feel recharged such as the feeling you get when you walk on the beach barefoot. This us crucial and this is why the material you sleep on is so important. Organic material will give you this same recharge feeling whereas non natural materials like polyester will strip you of all your energy making you feel weak and tired all the time.

So my mattress recommendations:
1. Firm! A mattress must be firm and should be a mixture of foam and springs. A full spring mattress is not good as it is unstable and can wear out over time. Having a mattress made 50% or more of foam is ideal for stability and support. This is NOT MEMERY FOAM, but rather foam that has resistance. This resistance allows for comfort and support that is perfect for your internal organs, back and neck. Once you have a proper firm mattress you can place a pillow top on top of it for some extra soft ess as long as the foundation is firm!
2. Organic materials! Your mattress must be made of organic cotton and natural materials. This is crucial for the recharge you will need from a proper nights sleep.
3. No Chemicals! Your mattress must be free of all chemicals and chemical flame retardants. These are severe hormones disriptors and can seriously affect your health
4. Very STABLE and STRONG Foundation!!! This cannot be emphasized enough! If your bed base or boxsrping is not 100% super strong and stable better put your mattress directly on the floor to make sure you get the stability you need.

So there it is, the best advice for mattress recommendations. And as a gift I am attaching a link for a company I particularly love and when you purchase a mattress with them using the link below you will get $100 sent back to you after your purchase. They are 100% organic and they offer a 15 YEAR guarantee automatically because that’s how much they have faith that their mattresses will last the test of time. These mattresses are only sold online.




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